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James Pang




Musical Accomplishment

The depth of James’ musicality begins from his early musical upbringing. James discovered his love for music at a tender age of four when he was exposed to the keyboard. He completed his Grade 6, highest grade before diploma, in Electone Performance by Yamaha Music Foundation at age fifteen and went on to perform at the Yamaha Electone Festival at fourteen. He was the lead pianist during his secondary school at Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), playing at the weekly chapel services for four years. He then experimented with a dizzying array of instruments such as classical guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, clarinet, flute, piano, drums, and percussion.

He completed his Associate Diploma in Drums from Australia & New Zealand Cultural Arts (ANZCA) and went on to build a successful music school, My Drum School Pte Ltd (“MDS”), to be the leading drum school in Singapore. As founder and Managing Director, the school has 30 educators and over 2,900 students in nine years – a testament to James’ hard work and ever-growing passion to offer a high level of music education in a distinctive contemporary setting. MDS has been named “Top 10 Fastest Growing Corporations” by Promising SME 500 (2013). James has judged for the Nation-wide Drum Off Singapore 2017, Drumzout Competition, Borders Without Walls, Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium, and Kota Kinabalu Music Festival.

James continues to pursue his passion for music and is determine to rediscover his “first love” – The Keyboard. Pioneering the hard work, My Keyboard School (“MKS”) was founded in August 2015 by James Pang in a 1,400 square foot facility.

Academic Accomplishment

James’ music accolades are paralleled by his academic achievement – obtained his Business Degree at Nanyang Technological University with a First Class Honors. For three consecutive years he was on the Dean’s List, awarded scholarships and won a gold medal for emerging top of his academic cohort. In 2004 – 2006, James became the ‘Face’ of Nanyang Business School’s print advertisements, appearing on bus-stops shelters all over Singapore and the newspapers, making him one of the most recognizable faces on campus.

Upon graduation, James moved on to the business world and performed exceedingly well in the top accounting company he was employed. In spite of his bright prospects in the business world, James resigned from his position in the accounting firm, 8 months later, in order to pursue his dream of establishing a drum school. MDS was then founded in October 2007.

Shortly after in July 2009, James was featured in The Business Times (The MDS Story) as one of the successful entrepreneurs under 30 in Singapore. He also appeared in Computer Times (here) and other magazines for his innovation in using technology in his business. James and his company has won national awards like Top Entrepreneur 2014, Singapore Quality Brand Award 2014, Top 10 of Asia 2014, Asia Excellence 2013, Singapore Promising SME 500 (2013), Top 10 Fastest Growing Corporation, and The Spirit of Enterprise 2013. He was recently featured in Channel News Asia in 2016, and The New Paper in 2017.


He is the owner of My Drum School, with eight National Awards as of 2017.
He won a bowling competition, with nine strikes and a score of 201, in 2013.
His YouTube channel has garnered more than 1,048,000 views since 2011.
He won a nation-wide crab-eating competition in 2009 by Hungry-Go-Where.
He is a Accenture Gold Medal recipient for graduating at the top in his Business School cohort, bagging two scholarships, and in the Dean’s List for three consecutive years.
He was named ‘Hall King’, a manhunt competition during University in 2004.
He served 2.5 years in the Commando Elite Forces during his National Service in 2003.
He resides in Singapore with his wife and three children.
He had his first keyboard lesson at the age of four.

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