Our Logo

My Keyboard School LogoMAIN LOGO

Our Logo has been specially designed to reflect our brand, keeping it simple, dynamic, fun yet professional.

We wanted a design that could work in both full colour and single colour environments.

The picture of the keyboard announces that we are obviously a school that specializes and provides keyboard education. The color red signifies passion, confidence and boldness. We hope that our students and teachers continue to carry this passion for the keyboard with confidence and boldness.

At My Keyboard School (“MKS”), we believe in offering quality keyboard education. By designing our syllabus with creativity, innovation, originality and fun, we believe that we will be a school that will be very much “talked about”. The speech bubble above the words “My Keyboard School” embeds that there’s something ‘to talk about’. The style of the font is also very intentional to give it a very approachable feel to it.

The indented “M” represents the branding from our affliate schools; My Drum School. As we continue to grow the “My” branding, we will be creating an array of music schools in Singapore.

My Keyboard School Logo 2


Our 2nd Logo has been specially designed to be used in our social media environments and when a watermark is needed.

We still have the picture of a set of keys, representing the keyboard. You can still see the indented key to give the image of the “M”, representing our “My” branding.

The speech bubble is still present, but in a more squarish nature.

Just by looking at this logo, the viewer should still be able to read “My” (from the speech bubble), “Keyboard School” (from the image of the keyboard and letter “M”).

Thus, without having the physical words “My Keyboard School”, the logo will still be highly recognizable.