Our School


The two pillars in our school that positions us as a school are: to inspire and to educate.


To be inspired is great, to inspire others is incredible.

At My Keyboard School (“MKS”), we believe that the heartbeat of learning music begins with inspiration. We have created our keyboard programmes with innovation, fun, creativity and originality.

Going beyond the normal scales and boring exercises, MKS uses today’s technology like recording, minus-one play-along, loops, programmed sequences, Multi-Tracks, transcriptions, backing music and online materials to facilitate learning.

All keyboard students are educated with a carefully designed-curriculum, which is structured and easy to follow. We aim to inspire and motivate, sustaining their interest in the craft. We listen to our students’ needs well and we know what works for them.


There is a lack of emphasis on keyboard education in Singapore.

More often than not, you will easily be able to find a classically-trained pianist who can only play the piano by reading off the sheet music. Many times, these musicians fail to function in a band setting, or to even understand what they are performing. Our founder, James Pang, recognizes the fundamental importance of a keyboard player in today’s contemporary music. We believe in enhancing each learning experience by injecting our lessons with a balance of fun and practicality. We also strongly believe in nurturing our students with high-quality equipment and resources.

Our Mission

Our mission at MKS is to inspire and educate keyboard players by providing a distinctive contemporary keyboard education using the latest technology and resources.