MKS Philosophy


Founded on the need for quality keyboard education in Singapore, we designed a practical approach to learning the keyboard without prior music background. Each programme is blended with content and approach, focusing on techniques and integrating performance.

The MKS curriculum we carefully crafted provides an in-depth musical-approach, which gives an opportunity for hobbyists or professionals to discover and explore their innate potential as musicians. We prepare kids, teenagers, and adults for a lifetime of personal growth through the study of the contemporary keyboard. Music education should be guided by the purpose of crafting independent musicians, capable of performing, evaluating, and creating music

What makes us different is that, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to our philosophy by wholeheartedly embracing our bedrock principles. Developing the musicianship of all our students and expanding the boundaries of our educators has been the foundation of our passion. Our goal is never to teach technique as an end in itself, but to always try to direct technical work towards a focus on musical excellence

We invest heavily in our facilities and equipment to make them attractive and we are always developing new initiatives to reach and influence an ever-widening target audience. These high standards are the result of the learning opportunities offered at My Keyboard School. More than a music school, My Keyboard School continues to strive toward paying close attention to our students’ needs and making their progress our priority.

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