ANZCA Examinations

Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Limited


Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Limited is a non-profit examining body of the performing arts. It was formed in 1983, in response to a growing need amongst private music teachers for an examination system catering for a greater diversity of musical styles.

In recognizing the vital role modern music plays, especially amongst the young, ANZCA has set out to design its syllabi to cater for both classical and modern streams.

The same drive for innovation is at the heart of ANZCA’s examination system – as is their commitment to aid and encourage the on-going development of music, its students and its teachers.

Based on sound educational principles combined with a practical, common sense attitude, ANZCA examinations are offered in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Teachers who uses ANZCA examinations are virtually unanimous in praise of the high standards as well as the friendly, unintimidating environment ANZCA provides.

What a typical Keyboard/Piano ANZCA Exam consists:

  • Technical Section & Scales
  • Exam Solos
  • Aural Listening
  • Sight-Reading Passage or Improvisation
  • General Knowledge