Part Time KB Educators

My Keyboard School is actively recruiting part-time keyboardists with a passion to teach at our faculty. From flexible schedules to fully-detailed lesson-plan approach to innovative programmes and perks, we do everything we can to make sure Part-Time Keyboard Educators not only have great jobs, but also lasting experiences.

Besides teaching, we jam together a lot! We constantly share ideas through brainstorming sessions, jam-sessions, writing new materials, and lots of trading ideas. We work hard and we play even harder together.

A Keyboard Educator we’ll love:

  • You engage and equip keyboard students and are motivated by the desire to see them succeed.
  • You see keyboard education as a platform to inspire and educate the next generation of keyboard players.
  • You’re a fast and consistent learner and ever-willing to master our comprehensive curriculum.
  • You’re not afraid of music notations, charts, sheet music, sight-reading, and transcription.
  • You are a team player and you work well with others.
  • You build confidence in students and parents by providing effective and honest communication.
  • You contribute and participate in our staff meetings and online MKS community.
  • You advance and maintain your own professional development as a keyboardist.
  • You lead by example and are passionate about the My Keyboard School brand.
  • You enjoy and take pride in our leadership position in Singapore.

A position you’ll love:

  • A part-time career where your work becomes play. You’ll find joy in passing on your knowledge and nurturing a new generation of well-equipped keyboard players.
  • You love teaching and interacting with people — it energizes you.
  • You embrace My Keyboard School’s curriculum and be transformed in your own field of music.
  • You like being current and adapting modern keyboard techniques and methods. And you like to share that knowledge.
  • You appreciate that learning never stops and you’ll learn so much more than you’ll actually teach.
  • You love the playing the keyboard. And you’ll get paid for sharing it with others.

Part-Time Requirements you’ll need:

  • Proficient in pop, rock, blues, classical and country genre.
  • Ability in reading and simple-writing of music notations. At least up to grade 5 standard.
  • At least a minimum of 2 year private lessons and 3 years of performance exposure.
  • A minimum of a Grade 5 in Australian & New Zealand Cultural Arts (ANZCA) examinations or equivalent. (Audition is required for those without certification)
  • A block of at least 3 hours from 7-10pm on weekdays or any time on Saturdays
  • Experience in playing the keyboard/piano for church worship is an added advantage for applicants.